"Global jihad has more to fear
from Shannen Rossmiller
than a squadron of F-16s."

- the London Telegraph -

The attack at Ground Zero turned Shannen Rossmiller into America's foremost citizen terrorist-hunter online and a pioneer in the field of cyber-counterintelligence (C-CI). Her daring stings on the Arabic Internet and subsequent captures have brought international accolades, headlines -- and the ire of the world's worst.

But to millions of fellow Americans, this Montana mom of three has simply become the home-front face of 9/11 courage.

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"In a League of Her Own "

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"Shannen Rossmiller is as brave, resourceful, patriotic, disarming, smart, and crafty as the pioneer women who first settled her Big Sky Country nearly two centuries ago."

R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence


After years of Internet sleuthing in conjunction with the FBI, Shannen has taken on additional duties involving national security.

Today she provides discreet research-analysis support, training, consulting and lecture services to a variety of encumbered government and corporate clients. In addition, Shannen is collaborating with others to develop an elite Cyber Corps – a force of IT professionals that will help patrol the online underworld.


How You Can Help This Patriot

With extremists now roaming among thousands of websites and social networks, Shannen still designates time for the late-night C-CI hunts. But she can't keep up the fight without your ongoing encouragement and support…(more)

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Shannen's briefing at FBI's International Conference on Cyber Security, 2009



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