Shannen's briefing at FBI's International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University




At Award Dinner


SANS Security Seminar, Washington, DC


Shannen at United Stations Radio Network.



With extremists now roaming among thousands of websites and social networks, Shannen Rossmiller still designates time for the late-night hunts. But this former judge and mother of three can't keep up the fight without your ongoing encouragement and financial support.

Education: Between assignments, Shannen makes select media appearances to discuss new developments in her personal battle against terrorism and cyber-crime – so stay tuned.

Shannen and her associates also give private presentations about her 9/11 journey, online capabilities, declassified sting cases and the lessons learned (with exclusive video and power point slides). Attending audiences should be warned, though – they may just walk away with a revitalized, can-do American spirit.

Some of the clients that have booked presentations:

The Heritage Foundation -- Wash., DC (2011)
Cyber Terrain Conference -- Wash., DC (2011)
Illinois Crisis Negotiators Assn. (ICNA) -- Chicago (2011)
International Spy Museum -- Wash., DC (2011)
Assn. of Law Enforcement Intel Units (LEIU) -- Orlando (2010)
Multi-Agency Group Intel Conf. (MAGIC) -- Denver (2009)
International Conf. on Cyber Security (ICCS) -- NY (2009)
SANS Computer Security Training -- Wash., DC (2007)
The Middle East Forum -- Los Angeles (2006)
Spokane College Women's Assn. -- Spokane (2006)

C-CI Services: Shannen offers discreet research-analysis support, hands-on training and open-source consulting to professionals in homeland security, national defense and corporate security. She can be reached through the liaison service, CommStatim (contact below), or click on her personal email at the top.

Send Her an Email: During her weeks, and sometimes months, on isolated cyber-security cases, Shannen is re-energized by a steady stream of public messages forwarded from this website. If you'd like to contribute a personal donation, offer your expertise, or simply send words of encouragement, please use the "Email Shannen" link above. Thanks so much for the consideration.


For further information, contact:

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