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  • Words cannot describe how inspiring and refreshing it was to read of your journey over the past eight years. People describe you as selfless and humble, but I hope you are more than proud of your accomplishments. In my opinion, you are one of the most distinguished and important citizens we have. I'd always wondered if there were people like Jack Bauer in our world. This morning I found out that you do exist, and that is very reassuring.
  • God Bless this Woman, she deserves the Medal of Freedom. Hoo Rah.
  • As a widow of a Marine who died in '91, you make me proud to be a woman in this day and time. The bravery you have shown should put some of our nation's leaders to shame.
  • She has bagged a dozen terrorists and she's not done. She's not being paid. She's driven by a sense of duty to her country and she's not planning on stopping. God bless Mrs. Rossmiller, whereever you are, and whoever you're pretending to be tonight.
  • Three children, a judge, and a terrorist-catching Mata Hari! Wow, her husband certainly hit the jackpot when he married this woman!
  • All I can think to say is "Wow." It renews my love and faith in our wonderful country to discover there are still people like you that emulate the spirit of '76 and our marvelous Founders.
  • I first heard Paul Harvey (on the radio) tell this story before the actual name was out in public. I thought then what I think now. Thank God we still have heroes in America.




"Shannen Rossmiller is as brave, resourceful, patriotic, disarming, smart, and crafty as the pioneer women who first settled her Big Sky Country nearly two centuries ago. If you should, e.g., invite her to play poker and she smiles sweetly and says, 'Well, ah really don't know how ta' play, but ah'd sure like ta' learn,' you will need to adjust rapidly to growing illiquidity."

-- R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence (2/21/09)

"To her credit, she's very humble about her role and she should be recognized for the integral role she played in this case (Reynolds) and other cases."

-- Tim Fuhrman, Special Agent in Charge, FBI's Salt Lake City office (7/19/07 - A.P.)

"You have shown the highest love of country and of your fellow citizens. You really deserve both a Congressional and a Presidential medal for your valor and outstanding efforts."

-- Email from James K. Hellwig, Director, U.S. Department of Commerce (Ret.) (July 2007)

"Shannen is the embodiment of the future of US homeland security. As a private citizen she has worked tirelessly to protect our country from Islamic extremists. By doing so she has broken the definition of who can do intelligence and investigative work. Shannen has proven that it’s no longer exclusive to the three-letter agencies."

-- Email from Major Erik Kleinsmith, USA (ret.), Intel/Counter-Terrorism Expert, former Member, Able Danger Program (May 2009)

"The FBI and CIA recognize the importance of Internet surveillance but lack the resources to process the staggering amount of data available, making someone like Rossmiller a valuable tool."

-- Roger Cressey, former counterterrorism official in the Clinton and Bush administrations (7/19/07 - A.P.)

"Three hundred million Americans saw the towers fall on 9/11. As far as anyone knows, Shannen Rossmiller is the only private U.S. citizen who learned Arabic, lurked on Web sites, and helped capture terrorists from 2001 until this very minute."

-- "Philadelphia Inquirer" Reporter Al Lubrano, 5-Part Series (July, 2007)

"Shannen Rossmiller's work in exposing Islamic terrorists has genuinely made our country safer. She has dedicated her life to combating the terrorist threat against the United States and has amazingly been able to infiltrate and actually stop terrorist operations. Our entire country owes her an immeasurable debt of gratitude."

-- Author Steven Emerson, The Investigative Project (6/26/09)

"Meeting Shannen, you are immediately struck by how ordinary she seems, and it is that ordinariness which makes her story so extraordinary and compelling."

-- London "You" Magazine Lina Das (March, 2007)

"Warning advisory for the international terrorist network, beware of this woman -- she's a bulldog. "

-- TV Producer/Writer/Editor Irv Letofsky (3/16/07)

"She is magnificent! A true American hero."

-- Dr. Daniel Pipes, The Middle East Forum (February, 2007)

"I just wanted you to know how deeply what you've done has moved me, and how much it means to me. Why do you do what you do? God bless you."

-- Phone call from Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles Burlingame; he was pilot to American Airline Flight 77, hijacked and flown into the Pentagon on 9/11 (2006)

"Shannen is definitely one of the best…her particular gift involves 'cyber-theatrics'. She has chutzpah, and that is definitely required."

-- Canadian Nuclear Physicist & Software Designer Brent Astley; "Washington Post" (6/4/06)

"Shannen Rossmiller knew more of the law than most people (when stinging Army Spc. Anderson online)…others might not realize the things you can't do."

-- Dir. Elizabeth Bancroft, Assoc. of Former Intelligence Officers; "People" Magazine (9/20/04)

"Shannen Rossmiller is in a league of her own."

-- NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers (9/3/04)

"I'm adding the fearless Shannen Rossmiller to my list of Moms Who Rock..."

-- Michelle Malkin, (7/12/04)

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  • The fact that numerous government sources will not discredit, nor comment upon her speaks to her usefulness. The people who matter certainly take her work seriously. There's a movie script here, if you ask me.
  • We need more Shannen Rossmillers. Suddenly, I feel lazy....
  • We are amazed by her work with the FBI and her efforts to keep America safe. Now if we can get her to talk to Congress and make lawmakers realize that we really don't want to fight the war in our city streets.
  • You changed the paths of the soldiers who would have died, had you not intervened (in Anderson case). Many funerals will not be held because of your tenaciousness. Kudos to you. There aren't many Patriots out there like you.
  • If every citizen were as dedicated as she is to fighting terrorism, we could very well be winning this war handily.
  • Thank you soooo much for what you do in the fight against terrorism. It took my breath away to read about you and what you do. I LOVE the tactic you have chosen.
  • This is how "WE" the American people should react to these murderers. I want to close ranks with these punks. Sign me up.
  • I read your story in the Philly Inquirer and was so blown away by your bravery and integrity. It was so inspirational to me, that I'll probably write a song about you. Keep fighting the good fight.