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Shannen at Montana's State Capitol


NPR Radio Documentary: "Fighting al Qaeda from Montana"
1-12-09 (30 minute .mp3 audio file)

Los Angeles Times: "Cyber-Spy Shares Her Know-How"
1-11-09 (.pdf file)

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Web-Based Terrorist Hunter to Teach"
1-9-09 (.pdf file)

Fox News - Fox Report with Shepard Smith
1-7-09 (video file)

CBC Radio Documentary: "Suburban Counterterrorist"
12-5-07 (.pdf file & 16 minute .mp3 audio file)

Wired Magazine: "I Spy"
11-07 (.pdf files)

CNN News -- American Morning
07-25-07 (video file)

Philly Inquirer: "An Unexpected Patriot" (5-Part Series)
07-22 thru 07-26-07; Part 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 (.pdf files)

NBC Today Show (Myers Update)
07-19-07 (video file)

A.P. Wire: "Former Judge Goes Undercover"
07-19-07 (.pdf file)

Bosque News (TX): "Woman Battles Terrorism in a Big Way"
06-13-07 (.pdf file)

The Middle East Quarterly: "Cyber Counter-Jihad"
Summer, 2007 (.pdf file)

Reader's Digest: "Cybersleuth Mom"
03-2007 (.pdf file)

YOU Magazine (UK): "Life as a Superspy"
(.pdf file)

Telegraph (UK): "Montana Mom Fights al Qa'eda..."
06-26-2006 (.pdf file)

CNN News - Paula Zahn Now
06-07-2006 (video file)

ABC Good Morning America (Roberts)
06-05-2006 (video file)

Washington Post: "Casting a Web for Terrorists"
06-04-2006 (.pdf file)

Fox News - Weekend Live with Brian Wilson
02-12-2006 (video file)

Philly Inquirer: "Judge Involved in Internet Stings"
02-12-2006 (.pdf file)

CBS Evening News
02-11-2006 (video file)

BBC Special - The New Al-Qaeda
07-25-2005 (5 minute video file)

Family Circle: "To Catch a Terrorist"
(.pdf file)

Fox News - Fox Report with Shepard Smith
10-21-2004 (video file)

People: "Terrorist Hunter"
09-24-2004 (.pdf file)

ABC Good Morning America (Gibson)
09-09-2004 (video file)

NBC Today Show (Myers)
09-03-2004 (video file)

BBC News - Rear Window on Terror
08-29-2004 (video file)


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